Dental Implant

Dental Implant

A dental implant is simply a metal post that your dentist inserts into the bone so that it then supports some prosthetic upper fitment such as a crown. The great benefit of dental implants is that they are every bit as strong and resilient as the teeth they replace and should last a lifetime.

The reason dental implants are so strong is because of a process called osseointegration. The old Latin word for bone was “os”, so you may guess that osseointegration is the natural process whereby the bone fuses tightly and bonds with metals like titanium and also certain ceramics. This mimics the fusion of your original tooth roots with your jawbone and provides an extremely robust and long lasting foundation.

When it comes to assessing a patient for suitability for a dental implant, your dentist will first try to establish the patient’s level of general health. Health, rather than age, is a governing factor. This is because some ailments are known to retard or even prevent the healing and regenerative process that is required for successful osseointegration.

Advantage Of Treatment

Improved appearance: when patients lose teeth (crown and root), shrinkage of the jawbone may cause their faces to look older. Dental implants can stop this process by preserving the natural bone structure and even promoting bone growth.

Comfort: patients don’t need to worry about diet restrictions when they have dental implants. The implants will fuse with your jaw bone and will give you a better experience.

When you come to see us for the first time, your dentist will sit down with you and discuss your assessment and how we intend to proceed with treatment. There may be options to be considered in certain cases. In cases where the procedure is straightforward, we will carry out treatment there and then. For more complex and involved cases, a further evaluation may be required or we may schedule a timetable of appointments for your course of treatment.

It will help us to speed things up if you can bring this information with you:

The referral letter/slip.

Any X-rays from previous procedures if you have them available.

For dental or medical insurance, please complete the relevant forms prior to your visit.

Note any medications that you are taking and let us know,

Young patients under 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Our surgery hours are from 09:00 AM to 1:00 PM Monday to Friday.

When you call for an appointment we will slot you in at the earliest opportunity. For emergency cases or if you are experiencing severe discomfort or pain, we will do our best to see you as quickly as possible and on the same day if we can.

Nobody likes waiting and we understand that. We will make every effort to see you at the appointed time. Be aware that occasionally procedures for other patients may take longer than anticipated. Sometimes, emergencies occur that can cause our schedule to run late. Please bear this in mind and understand that any delays are regretted but may be unavoidable.

For appointments or queries, please call on (305) 444-3074

Good oral hygiene is as essential after oral surgery as at any other time. You can resume brushing your teeth after 24 hours. It may also be beneficial to gently rinse your mouth every so often with mild salt water (1/4 teaspoon of salt in a glass of water). DO NOT use mouth wash or hydrogen peroxide rinses for 14 days.

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